Automatic Fly Catcher Trap (60% OFF TODAY!)
Automatic Fly Catcher Trap (60% OFF TODAY!)
Automatic Fly Catcher Trap (60% OFF TODAY!)
Automatic Fly Catcher Trap (60% OFF TODAY!)
Automatic Fly Catcher Trap (60% OFF TODAY!)

Automatic Fly Catcher Trap (60% OFF TODAY!)

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Keep Your Home Free Of Annoying Flies, Mosquitoes and Pests With Our Electronic Fly Trap!


This fly trap can catch every single fly, mosquito and flying pest bug inside your house. They are also great to be used for outdoor too!

The device works by luring flies with a small piece of bait, once the flies land on the bait the rotation device captures them and traps them inside! No escaping what so ever.

This is the easiest, non-toxic, and most hygienic way to catch and remove flies from your home. This Fly Trap does not use any chemicals and is safe for your family and pets.


Chemical Free Fly Trap: Our rotary fly trap is your best weapon against the summer fly invasion. Sit back and relax as the flies disappear without any nasty or harmful chemicals.

Easy To Use & Easy To Clean: Just place bait (sugar, honey, soda, etc) on the grooves, plug the USB cable into a power supply. Turn on the flytrap and watch it work. The device comes apart for easy cleaning.

Quiet Operation: Extremely quiet while running and no bright lights, sit back in peace as the Automatic Electronic Fly Trap goes to work without disturbing you while you work, watch TV, relax in your home, or sleep.


 Anti Escape System / Safe Around Kids: Once the flies are caught inside they are unable to escape. The flytrap can be removed separately and the flies disposed of and the trap cleaned. No dangerous shocks are used to kill the flies, safe around children.


How To Use:

1. Place either meat, fish, honey, juice, syrup, soda on the grooves.

2. Plug the USB power supply in.

3. Press the power button to turn it on.

4. The flies are attracted by the bait and transferred into the flytrap.

5. There is a release for the trap box on the bottom so you can set them free somewhere or dispose of them once they die, the choice is yours.

(Product Comes With A Manual Instruction On How To Use)



Material: ABS Plastic
Size: 8.23 x 7.01 x 2.48 Inches
Colors: White, Black
Power: 3W
Power Supply Method: USB (Included)
Cable Length: 47.24 Inches





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